Madiant Jumeirah

A touristic stretch over the weekend.

I’d like to share the experience of sketching on location with the occasional passers-by. People compliment and show deep interest and sometimes their concern can be humorous.

Stranger: Is this an assignment for your school project?

Stranger: Did you study architecture?

SM: Why, yes I did!

Stranger: Are you in the First Year of University?

[It’s been more than 10 years since my First Year 😦 ]

Stranger: Why don’t you use a pencil?

Stranger: My son/daughter/nephew/niece/friend also likes drawing. Which course would you recommend?

Stranger: So.. This is just for fun?

Honestly though, if you find someone ALONE and drawing, leave them be. If you make eye contact, then human interaction may be a good idea.



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